ditta takes london – day 2-3

I had work during the week so we met up after and wandered around London some more. The nights were kind of a blur since we explored all the nearby neighborhoods.

We hit up sights in Chinatown, Soho, and Trafalgar Square. While walking around, we even found where Ben Franklin used to live and Ditta showed me this super cute hidden gem she learned about online – Neal’s Yard.

Day 2: Took her to the rooftop of my office in South Bank. We ended up having dinner there – cheap but yummy pizzas and cider.

Day 3: Had dinner at the Admiralty at Trafalgar Square for some traditional British pies and ale.

As I mentioned in my previous post, I led us astray a bunch so ended up walking miles each day. We kept joking that we would be super fit after her visit instead of putting on vacation weight.