ditta takes london – day 1

I’m hosting my first visitor – the lovely Ditta.

She is hopping around Europe for the next 2 weeks with my apartment as home base. Thanks to John for lending the air mattress and Anne for the extra comforter. 🙂

I picked her up from the Heathrow on Sunday, dropped off her bag at my place, and straight away began the tour!

We walked along Bank Side to the London Eye, Big Ben, St Paul’s Cathedral.

She saw online that the Coppa Club had outdoor igloos so she made a reservation for dinner there that night. We typed in Coppa Club to Citymapper and made our way there. Of course, we ended up at the wrong one near St. Paul’s. I wish I could say this is the only time that happened during her stay, but we ended up walking 10 miles a day while she was here due in part to my horrible sense of direction.

We ended up in the right place finally and had a couple appetizers and drinks. I wouldn’t say the food was all that great, but it wins for ambiance and view.

After we walked by Tower Bridge and the Tower of London and made our way back. She had counted Sunday as a travel day, but we ended seeing everything she wanted to see in the city in those few hours!