wormerveer, netherlands

Ditta and I decided to take a mini-trip to another country while she was here. We chose Amsterdam since it was the cheapest in such sort notice. I had also wanted to see the Tulip festival.

Since it was last minute plus the Easter holiday, accommodations were pretty pricey so we ended up in a spare room Airbnb in Wormerveer (about 20 mins from Amsterdam). Our hosts were a well traveled young married couple who rented out their room to meet new people. Marcel, the husband, picked us up from the train station, gave us tips to save money on transportation, and even cooked us breakfast one of the days. As nice as they were, I think I’ll stick to whole apartment Airbnb’s going forward. My days of couchsurfing seem to be behind me.

Unfortunately, I ‘m still not quite used to taking pictures of things so didn’t take a lot here. It was a cute little town with a main canal running through it, but reinforced that I need to live in a city. We tried to find water and dinner the first night and everything was closed by 9. We ended up eating at a Dominoes for the first dinner.

The second night we ate at Patmos, a ‘grieks’ restaurant Marcel suggested. We sat down and picked up the menu and realized that it was all in Dutch! Pretty much pointed to a random line and got lucky. It was good, but the portions were way too big for either of us to finish.

All in all, it was good to see a different side of Holland by staying here, but a bit too quiet.