blenheim palace & oxford

A co-worker invited me to a meet up group to visit Blenheim Palace – a UNESCO heritage site. I had never heard of it, but I had hardly heard of any sights in the UK.

Having never been to Europe at all before moving here and arriving practically friendless, I’ve decided that I have to “put myself out there” and force myself out of the my naturally introvert ways.

I had actually signed up for Meet Up years ago in  LA, but was always too nervous to check it out. My co-worker had also moved relatively recently to the London office and was also keen to see things around our new city.

I’m glad I went. The weather agreed with us. It was beautiful and sunny as we explored the gardens and the poured while we took a tour of the palace. As we finished the tour, the sun came out and we got to see a double rainbow!

The host of the group, Mark, was very knowledgeable about the palace and let us know that his father actually helped put together the exhibits. Blenheim palace is the home of the Churchills. John Churchill received the land as a reward for being a decorated war hero. While his other famous descendant, Winston, was born there, he actually didn’t live there as a member of the branch instead of main family. I recall very little about British history, so it was interesting to learn about this decorated family.

After, we spent a short time exploring Oxford. While on the public bus, I caught a glimpse of the pub where C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien used to frequent. Definitely didn’t spend enough time to see a lot, so hope to come back.

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