ditta takes london – day 4

John wanted to show her around his neighborhood on day 4 so we headed over to Brixton after work.

He took us around the places he showed me when I first arrived: Brixton Village, Bowie Wall, etc.

We had dinner in Pop Brixton at Zoe’s Ghana Kitchen. I had been itching to try African cuisine and I’m glad I tried it. Had the delicious jollof fried chicken with the hot pepper mayo. John and Ditta got the stews and they were much spicier than I though they would be. It was all good, though probably not one of those meals I would have a craving for later. Washed it down with some palm wine, which kind of taste like kombucha.

It was great to get together with old LA office buddies.


herne hill

This weekend has the best weather  I’ve experience since moving here. I was just planning on hanging at home on Saturday but I ended up going to Anne’s neighborhood of Herne Hill. She was kindly lending me a comforter for an upcoming friends visit. It was such good weather we ended up exploring her part of town. Gotta say it I like the area!

We walked around Brockwell Park, which was just what I needed. Big, green open spaces on a sunny day does wonders for my psyche. I really took for granted the blue, sunny skies of LA.

After strolling through some of the gardens, we then ate at the cafe at the Brockwell Lido’s – which I found out means swimming pool. Ordered a carrot cake and beet/apple juice. I don’t love beets but I had to get it since it reminded me of the daily beet smoothies my mom made our family at home.

With cute attached houses and a huge park, Herne Hill is also conveniently located next to the bustling Brixton.  It’s an area I wouldn’t rule out living in – quiet, but close to the action. And, it’s only 20 minutes from work.

We ended up eating dinner at Pop Brixton, where I again ordered Koi Ramen. It was super crowded since everyone was out with the nice weather, but we found a spot upstairs.

Ended the day with a cider at The Regent Prince – a local pub that I would totally go to again. Busy, but with enough space to sit down and have a conversation.


On Saturday, my old parking buddy/ co-worker, John took me to explore his neighborhood – Brixton.

Brixton has a super cool vibe, very Berkeley-esque. There are tons of street markets and vendors of ethnic wares.

We walked around Brixton village and had coffee at his favorite place – Federation Coffee. Ordered an americano… It tasted a bit too strong for me.

Lunch was in Pop Brixton – a collection of old shipping containers turned into restaurants, clothing stores, and various trinket vendors. I ordered from a stall called Koi Ramen. It was actually good! Best ramen so far here.

The highlight was actually the local Tesco. It carried food from all over the world. Aisles of food from Asia, Africa, etc. I was so jealous.

We also did a quick stop by Clapham Common, a nice centralized area that has a large park, chain stores, restaurants, and one of the most accessible transport hubs in London.

After, we went to Soho because he had to some errands to run and stopped by TY Cafe, one of his favorite work-on-the-weekend spaces. I ordered a peach lemonade and it was refreshing after all that walking. It was a cute place to meet up and have a conversation, but I probably too far and pricey to be a regular haunt for me.

We ended up near-ish to Chinatown, so stopped by and loaded up on a bunch of groceries.


Most of my weekend adventures so far have been outside of London, so it was nice to explore one of the local neighborhoods.