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On Saturday, my old parking buddy/ co-worker, John took me to explore his neighborhood – Brixton. Brixton has a super cool vibe, very Berkeley-esque. There are tons of street markets and vendors of ethnic wares. We walked around Brixton village … Continue reading

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tinolang manok

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Pilipino chicken soup.

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dover & canterbury

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On Friday, I noticed another trip posted for Saturday for the Meet Up group I  had previously attended with my co-worker. She was out of town on vacation, but I saw that another girl, Hui, who we met at the last … Continue reading

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hello world!

It’s been almost 3 months since I’ve moved to London. I’ve never been a “blog” person, but I was advised that this would be a  good way to share happenings with my loves at home.

So here we go! My thoughts.. though not necessarily feelings. It’s still the open internet, you know?

PS – Some posts are back dated of happenings prior, but this is my actual first post.

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crème fraîche chicken mix

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A friend from home told me about crème fraîche – a kind of high fat sour cream. I saw it at the Tesco express and decided to try it!

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lazy scramble

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Spin off of my Dad’s amazing Sunday breakfast scramble.

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mushroom & broccoli chicken

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So I’ve found out there are no actually grocery stores near me. All I have are mini-marts the size of 7/11s. Since these are more “express” stores, they hardly carry anything and are much more expensive. This is what I get … Continue reading

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blenheim palace & oxford

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A co-worker invited me to a meet up group to visit Blenheim Palace – a UNESCO heritage site. I had never heard of it, but I had hardly heard of any sights in the UK. Having never been to Europe at all … Continue reading

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1st (cooked) meal

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A few weeks into my move, I unexpectedly had to go back home. After heading back, I was horribly homesick. It was quite an emotional time and I was feeling like homey, comfort food.

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