amsterdam, netherlands

Fun fact: Did you know that Amsterdam is a city in the region of Holland in the country of the Netherlands whose people are Dutch?

We didn’t! Anyways, after the windmill town we headed to Amsterdam. This is the station – a famous building in itself.


We had no concrete plans so we just wandered around the city.

We went over to the Stubbe Haring stand to try the local delicacy. It was delicious! The best thing I ate there. We also stumbled upon a carnival in the middle of the city and got some chocolate strawberry waffles.

We then walked around the canals and looked at the beautiful architecture. We passed by Anne Frank’s house but tickets were sold out for days.

Another fun fact: There are more bicycles than people in Amsterdam! We thought for a hot sec that we might rent bikes, but as we had problems navigating and avoiding getting hit on just our feet, we passed.

We found the I AMSTERDAM sign and it was swarming with people. It’s located in the Museumplein area – as you can imagine an area with many museums.

About this time, our feet were killing us and headed back to the AirBnB. Like London, we managed to see most of what we wanted to see in an extended afternoon! We were too tired to find a place to eat so we just had Pizza Hut back in Wormerveer.  Our gracious hosts also gave us Stroopwafels which we ate as dessert. Stroopwafels are amazing. Highly recommend.


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